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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  March 24, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. lawmakers on alert. security stepped up for nearly a dozen members of congress, members who say they're being threatened for giving health care the green light. this father under arrest. police say road rage caused him
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to open fire in the middle of rush hour with his own child in the car. the twitter connection that's turned criminal. we begin tonight with those threats against members of congress. go evening, everyone. i'm brian bolter. i'm shawn yancy. threatening phone calls, even bricks thrown through windows. these ten lawmakers are among democrats calling for increased security. roz plater has more on the f.b.i. investigation. >> reporter: on tuesday a propane gas line is cut at the home of the brother rf virginia congressman tom perriello after tea party activists post the address online. monday a brick thrower smashes a glass door of congresswoman gabriel gifford's arizona office and friday someone hurled a brick through the window of congresswoman luis lawsuiter's upstate office. >> the blogs we read was quite
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devastating. basically you shape up or we're going to have a civil war. >> reporter: the f.b.i. is investigating but the incidents are believed tied to the passage of the health reform bill. democratic leaders are calling on republicans to condemn the violence and threats. >> when people start talking in the rhetoric of putting people on firing lines, that if they don't do something they'll have physical harm done to them, that other rhetoric of that type or they put a target on their faces with crosshairs, that activity ought to be unacceptable in our democracy. >> there are a lot of angry americans and they're angry over this health care bill. they're angry about the fact that the democrats here in washington aren't listening to them. but i've got to tell you that violence and threats are unacceptable. it is not the american way. >> reporter: democrats got a closed door security briefing with capital police assuring them that every measure is being taken to keep them safe.
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>> the have been specific threats and beyond that i won't go into specific things we do because frankly i don't want to tip. but we're well prepared to defend our members. >> tonight members of congress are be told not to hesitate to call police. beaware of their surroundings and alert officers to any disturbing calls or e-mails. the health care bill is signed but the battle is far from over. today lawmakers voted on amendments to the bill trying to iron out issues they have with the current wording of the bill. those amendments include things like reducing cuts to medicaid -- excuse me, that's to medicare and making sure people who make less than $200,000 won't be taxed to pay for health care. the amendments were defeated on a day that sparked frenzied debate from both sides. >> you heard the old saying men are from mars, women are from venus? i think that matter is from mars and -- that party is from mars and we're from planet
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earth. the planet earth i'm on tells me to pass health insurance. >> we are now embarked on one of the greatest expansions of government in the history of this country. >> if there are any changes to the bill that just passed, it still has to go back to the house for another vote. coming up at 10:30, we'll explain why you might not have to buy health insurance if you live in virginia. we're following breaking news right now out of virginia. a second man just arrested on what police are calling the case of road rage. investigators saygabriel pobo -- proventud pulled a gun on a truck driver. tonight that truck driver is also under arrest. >> reporter: the two cars involved in this incident, the driver of the jaguar is the man who fired the shot arrested earlier today. after talking to witnesses all
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day long, virginia state police have arrested the driver of that dump truck. minutes after gabriel poventud was told he would be held without bond, his father left the courthouse. virginia state police say their investigators are still talking to witnesses but this is what they think they know right now. >> at some point their vehicles became engaged in a road rage battle is the best way it can be described. veentsly the vehicles did make -- eventually the vehicles did make contact and ended up on the left shoulder where mr. poventud came out of the vehicle with the firearm and started shooting at the dump truck. >> reporter: at least four rounds struck the rear of the truck as it sped away from the scene but it didn't end there. as state police responded to the area-- >> the vehicle was traveling about 30 miles per hour. >> reporter: when they finally pulled over, police say they
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found poventud's 2-year-old daughter addison with her father. she was unharmed. michael perez is poventud's stepfather. >> i knew he was on the road. i could hear the road noise. i wrote down the license plate. >> reporter: perez says he thinking his stepson was acting in self-defense. that's-- >> that's something we pass on from generation to generation on both sides of the family. we just can't let this -- [ indiscern eastbound ] >> reporter: the driver of the dump truck is described as 44- year-old james brigham of woodbridge. no one answered the door at this home today. he's been charged with reckless driving. once again police say they're fortunate that no one else got injured during this incident. so let me repeat just happened. police are now telling us at this hour they do have in custody the dump truck driver. he was arrested and charged
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with attempted second-degree murder. >> wisdom martin live in fairfax tonight. maryland drivers may have to go hands free to talk behind the wheel. the state senate voted just barely 24-23 to pass a bill requiring drivers to use hands free devices. drivers could only use their hands to tun the phone on or off. they couldn't r cannot hold a cell phone during the conversation. the fine for breaking the law would be 40 bucks. the measure goes to the house ever delegates for a vote. the search for a suspect in a brutal fairfax county murder is over. police believe the gunman killed himself. investigators say he shot a woman in her car near mount vernon this morning and later took his own life. bob barnard is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: police have not released the names of the woman murdered or the murder suspect who apparently committed suicide on a busy neighborhood sidewalk. this was the scene off south quincy street in arlington this evening where police believe a murder suspect ended his life with a single gunshot to the
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head in his family's apartment complex parking lot. >> well, our police department received a phone call shortly after 4:00 for a man in the street with a weapon. when our officers responded, as soon as the suspect saw police officers, he shot himself. >> reporter: police say the man who killed himself here is the prime suspect in this morning's gruesome murder in fairfax county. a young woman blown away with a sawed off shotgun as she sat in a car. >> about 7:25 i heard four gunshots. at the time i didn't know they were gunshots. i've ver really heard that this close to me. i looked out the kitchen window and i saw the car and i saw th body in the car. >> reporter: the murder weapon was recovered at the scene. fairfax county police quickly issuing a lookout for the murder suspect believed to be the victim's boyfriend. >> witnesses have given us information and we are on the lookout for a black male, 20s to 30s years in age, driving a gold vehicle with the spoiler
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on the back. >> reporter: that suspect and car showed up nine hours later here in arlington. >> fairfax county detectives are on scene investigating the resemblance and believe that it is the suspect for the homicide. >> reporter: people who live here at quebec apartments say the dead man was in his mid- 20s, had recently gotten out of jail, had a connection to this community, his mother, brother and sister all live here and are now talking with police. this morning's murder was the econd in fairfax county this year. both happening in woodlawn near mount vernon. just last week a 16-year-old boy was beaten to death with a baseball bat in a park. his killers still on the loose, shawn. >> bob barnard live in the newsroom. take a look. this man is under arrest for a rape that happened nearly seven years ago. d.n.a. led police to him. he lives in wisconsin thousand but police believe -- now but police believe he attacked a girl in maryland back in 2007.
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he's charged with rape, assault and kidnapping. a story out of california tonight where voters will get to decide whether to make marijuana legal for recreational use. an initiative was just certified for the november ballot. the state has already legalized medical marijuana. if the proposition wins, california would be the first state to legalize the drug for recreational use. lady gaga involved in a police investigation in our area. why fans are fuming. he's one ever the ttest pop stars -- of the hottest pop stars out there. you have to hear how tweeter landed -- [ indiscernible ] the warning that parents need to hear tonight. the hidden danger that some baby slings pose to your children. spring was in full swing in washington. our temperature got up to 68 degrees. some cooler temperatures and rain entering the forecast picture. i'll have those details for you a bit later. you are watching fox 5 news
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at 10:00. our jam-packed 90 minutes is just getting started. 
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all that spring weather is finally here but along with the blooming plants and grass comes the agreeded spring allergy season. for many of you who suffer, the symptoms are arriving early. will thomas has the fox 5 focus on why. >> reporter: pollen is the biggest problem right now. in fact a recent survey found pollen was most commonly cited as the number one source of allergies. in our region you can blame all that snow for early suffering. it hits you head-on. mother nature delivered just the right weather combination that adds up to early misery for so many people. >> the minute i stand up, i mean, my nose is running like a faucet. >> i have no clue where it comes from. i just know it's an allergic reaction. >> that is about as far as we
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go. >> dr. martha white from the montgomery county-based institute for asthma and allergy has the answer for the early symptoms. most of it a result of pollen. >> i think the pollen count is higher probably because of all the moisture we got from that snow. we had a really hard winter but then it seemed to have gone away really quickly and the plants have been well watered unfortunately. >> reporter: the early airborne allergens have some people thinking they have a cold whether they realize it or not. >> because it's the same time every year, i usually know it's allergies. >> sometimes. in the past you have thought it was a cold. but then you give in. >> reporter: are you a couple? >> yeah. how did you guess? >> somebody asked did i want to say something because i kept going -- [ clearing throat ] >> usually with a cold you have a fever, maybe achy joingtses,
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-- joint, headache you can see with both, if other family members are also getting sick and they don't have allergies, it may be a cold. >> reporter: let's talk about treatment. dr. white says close your windows at home and in the car. she recommends claritin or zyrtec or the generic versions. if those don't work, she says you should see a doctor. there is a nasal spray that usually works for everyone. >> if you want to see the latest pollen count, go to and click on the weather tab. you just heard how the snow played a role in the early allergy season. now president obama is playing a role in the cost to battle all the snow. he signed a disaster declaration for the district which means the federal government will reimburse d.c. for some of the money it spent on the storm. it will pay for emergency repairs. if you live in the district you may be served with a trash ticket. they're handed out for offenses like putting your trash can in the wrong place or not trimming your bushes. the head of d.c.'s public works
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department says inspectors should be writing 10 to 12 tickets per day and if they don't, they've been told to step it up or they could be fired. justin beaver's manager is facing the music, arrested for a fan frenzy on a long island mall last november. a stampede broke out during his appearance on stage. >> reporter: justin beaver's manager facing serious charges in nassau county. his client the biggest teen sensation around who left fans in a frenzy. he's so hot, when the 16-year- old was scheduled to sign autographs at the roosevelt mall, teenagers rushed in by the thousands. it got so crazy, nassau police had to cancel the event before beaver even showed up but the crowd got even more out of control after beaver twittered that he was, quote, "humped and
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on his way." according to the d.a. cops told beaver's manager to send out a tweet canceling the event but nothing was done for at least an hour and a half compromising the safety of thousands. detective lieutenant kevin smith. >> he's kind of saying that he can't do anything about t. he's unaware. he didn't have a computer. what we find out later is he changed the access account of this twitter account so that no one else could enter anything into this account and say that the event had been canceled. >> reporter: the d.a. calls it all a publicity stunt and now scooter is being held accountable. but scooter's attorney says his client is innocent. >> i'm delighted that nassau county takes public safety as a primary concern because that's the same concern that scott and justin have which is protecting the fans. >> meantime a concert
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controversy has two of pop's biggest stars speaking out. a salon owner in martinsburg, west virginia claim lady gaga and adam lambert were set to perform at a party for their hair caroline -- care line [ inaudible ] authorities are still trying to figure out if a crime was committed. no arrests have been made. actor robert culp has died. he's best remembered for his role in the tv series "i spy." he fell outside of his home earlier today. he reportedly hit his head on the sidewalk and was rushed to the hospital where he died. robert culp was 79 years old. a terrifying scene in the district. a young girl just walking down the street when she was attacked by a vicious pit bull. plus, amber control by fish -- abercrombie and fish employees say they're getting
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skyfox over the scene of a bank robbery in lexington park, maryland today. to men held up the bank early this morning. police say they took off in one car. then switched into a different vehicle. take a good look at this picture. it's one ever the suspects. -- of the suspects. a 12-year-old girl is revering after a pit bull attack. it happened last night as the girl was walking down a southeast d.c. street. tonight the dog is in the hands of authorities for bing the girl's face. fox 5's sherri ly has more. >> reporter: the 12-year-old girl is still in pain for the bite the pit bull took out of her cheek. what are you worried about? >> it can attack anybody. >> reporter: an ambulance took the girl to the hospital. she and her mother would not talk today on the advice of
10:25 pm
their lawyer. police and animal control captured the pit bull nearby. the girl says she was walking with a friend around chesapeake and sixth street southeast on tuesday when the dog suddenly came at her, knocked her down and then bit her face. >> i have a child that age. yeah, i feel that's not good at all. >> reporter: a report by found last year pit bulls accounted for 44% of all deadly dog attacks. last august a 20-year-old leesburg manual was mauled to -- man was mauled to death by the family's two pit bulls. a anne arundel county man attacked by one had to get 20 stitches. these attacks don't mean pit bulls are inherently dangerous. >> we have a pit bull that takes care of orphaned animals as a foster mom. we have a lot of wonderful pit bulls out there but it's a stigma that's attached to them. >> reporter: if a dog comes at you, animal experts say, fight the instinct to run. >> running will only make the
10:26 pm
dog chase you. and then when they chase you, it's a prey thing. >> reporter: animal control caught up with the pit bull after the attack wandering the neighborhood. it doesn't appear aggressive but some here would rather play it safe. you think pit bulls are dangerous? >> i think so. >> reporter: fox 5 news. >> animal control has tracked down the og's owner. if the pit bull is declared dangerous, the owner will have 15 days to appeal. now to a consumer alert for parents. a popular baby swing is blamed for the deaths of at least three infants. we have the information you need about this massive recall. getting into college just went a little more high-tech. how students are using social media to get an edge. teenagers in risky behavior go hand in hand. the age doctors say teens are most in danger coming up. [ male announcer ] don't like to settle?
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for just $10. only at your pizza hut. we have a consumer alert for all you parents out there. frightening concerns about to baby slings. this is what the slings look
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like. the consumer products safety commission says children have suffocated in them. melanie alnwick now with what you need to know. >> reporter: for centuries busy parents have carried their babies in slings and the practice has regained popularity today. >> i feel like the baby is always right with me which i think makes her happier and makes my life easier. >> reporter: now dozens of companies make baby slings and carriers. two of them, says the consumer products safety commission, have a serious defect. >> with the infantino sling, they cannot be used safely. >> reporter: in 2009 three infacts died in those bag sling style baby carriers. >> what we want parents to know is if you have a child under four months of age and you have one of these slings, don't use it again. >> reporter: cpsc says the design can cause suffocation. >> the infant is very deep in
10:31 pm
the sling as you can see. when you're wearing it, the fabric can close over that child. and there's a problem with this bag's designed. it's very curved, almost c- shaped and it puts the baby in a very dangerous chin to chest position and it kinks their airway and makes it so that they can't breathe. >> reporter: a baby wearing educator says there are safe ways to use sings >> your baby should be nice and tight, close enough that i can lean down and kiss her on the top of the head. >> reporter: she's concerned with so many products entering the market, there are no safety standards that would have kempt the infantino design off the shelves. >> 've kind of been complaining about them for a while and asking, you know, would somebody pay attention to this design. we are working towards a mandatory standard for slings. and in the meantime we're working with a voluntary standard setting group to get a voluntary standard into place. >> reporter: so that babies
10:32 pm
like teegan can rest safe and sound. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> infantino clip off part of the strap so that the sling is destroyed. then send the whole thing back to them. they'll give you something else from their line in exchange. for more information on the recall, we've posted a link on just click on web links. e postal service is inching closer to cutting saturday mail delivery. the move would help save billions of dollars. if congress approves the changes, post offices would still be open on saturdays and you still receive express mail delivery on saturday. the postal service has set up a special website to help you understand all the changes. go to and click on web links. it looks like the am control by and fitch -- abercrombie and fitch store has made some unexpected cutbacks. employees say they haven't been paid all month. some claim they don't have enough cash for buy food for three meals a day. >> we all have bills. we all have rent to pay. you know, so you can't play around with people's money of the the managers got paid.
10:33 pm
and we're not working for free. >> ap control by and fitch -- am control by and fitch -- ap control by and fitch blames a glitch. the governor of virginia has signed a bill freeing virginians from having to buy insurance. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the latest. >> reporter: virginia governor bob mcdonnell firing the first shot at a state's rights battle over a key part of the new federal health care law. the issue? can the federal government mandate citizens purchase health care? >> we have not been able to find any precedent based on a commerce clause or anywhere else that theunited states constitution authorizes the congress to mandate the purchase of a service. >> reporter: the new law signed
10:34 pm
by the governor says that virginians will not be subjected to the new federal mandate to defend their position, republican attorney general ken cuccinelli filed suit against the federal government on tuesday. >> in the traditional role of the attorney general is among other things to defend virginia's laws and sworn to protect the constitutions of the united states and virginia. >> reporter: but virginia democratic leaders who support president obama's new health care law filed a freedom of information act demanding to know how much money cuccinelli is spending on the lawsuit. >> they don't want him wasting taxpayer money on the lawsuit. virginians work hard every day. they pay their taxes and he's using that money to undermine their ability to benefit from this landmark legislation. >> reporter: but governor mcdonnell says as complicated as the health care debate has been, to him the question is
10:35 pm
simple. who knows what's best for virginians? richmond or washington? >> we don't believe either constitutional or as a matter of policy that the united states congress should mandate the purchase of a service on the citizens of virginiathat's never been done before. >> reporter: so far 14 states have either filed or plan to file lawsuits against the new federal health insurance reform law. attorney general ken cuccinelli says he will provide a full accounting of the money he's spending on these lawsuits starting with the $350 he spent on tuesday to file the paperwork in federal court. in richmond, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. so what is it like to foot the bill for mandatory health care? just ask people in san francisco. under city law businesses with 20 or more employees are required to provide medical coverage. and restaurant owners have decided to pass along the cost to the customers but adding a surcharge to the check. most places about 4%. a fugitive on the run for more than 50 years.
10:36 pm
tonight he's under arrest but it wasn't the police that cracked this cold case. plus, 3-d mania is sweeping hollywood. we're taking you inside some of the hottest studios around coming up. first, the fox 5 team already working on the morning news. here's a look at what's on tap. (announcer)  we're in the energy business.
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a fight over an internet game at a cafe in china left a teenager with a 10-inch knife in his skull. amazingly the teen was able to walk to the hospital and survived. no main arteries or nerves were
10:40 pm
damaged but the teen is at risk of infection, brain damage and seizures. we have the picture on our website. if you have a strong stomach and want to see it for yourself, you k. i wouldn't recommend it and i wouldn't steer you wrong, i don't think. you can click a web links. a man who skipped out on parole 38 years ago has finally been captured. you're looking at his mug shot from 1955. that was the year he was convicted of murder in montana. 14 years later he vanished on parole. his victim's family members hired an investigator who tracked him down in arizona. now he's back in custody in montana where he could go back to prison for the rest of his life. three women are be be corrected with saving the life of another woman who are being credited with saving the life of another woman. she crashed through two fences and plunged into the pool. one witness called 911 while two others pulled the woman out. >> it looked like she stepped on the gas. it moved so fast.
10:41 pm
through this yard, through the fence. i looked outside and i saw it literally flying through the fence into the pool. >> she got the window rolled down probably about this much and i jumped in and i pulled her out. i got her out just as the car went under. >> no one else was in the car at the time. rescue crews say those three women saved the driver's life. some local teenagers got the surprise of a lifetime and we caught it all on camera. beth? >> reporter: applying to college isn't like it used to be. in fact here at george mason they're now accepting video applications. i'm beth parker. we'll show you some of them coming up. manual, i wish i had that when my kids were applying for college. i'm sue pal came. we had a great spring day. we have changed ahead in the forecast. we'll give you a look at the weekend and when you should expect a bit of rain around town. it's the first time you're letting your daughter
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wick peetd ya -- wikipedia is back up and running after a glitch crashed the server. it was down for about two hours. an overheated server in the european data center is the suspected cause. there are still some issues with the server so you might still run into a hiccup or two. the internet has changed the way college students study and do their research and that's not the only thing that's changing on campus. fox 5's beth paker shows us how college applications are going high-tech. >> reporter: elis a is trying to transfer to a new school. ♪ if i would be accepted i would follow all the rules ♪ >> reporter: she spoke to us via telephone at her current school in minnesota. whether she heard george mason was accepting video essays -- [
10:46 pm
indiscernible ] she realized it might set her apart. george mason receiv about 20,000 applications for its incoming freshman class. only about 120 opted to make a video essay. >> i think it made it a lot more personallable and showed the school who i allly am. >> the complaint we hear routinely from students s the admissions process isn't personal enough. we don't get to know them. >> reporter: a video can show where you've been, what you've done but if you want to end up here, no matter how good the video is, you still need the grades. >> the best individual crow in the world isn't going -video in the world isn't going to get you admitted if you're not academically qualified [ inaudible ] >> applied to seven schools. that was a lot to do while still completing the work for my senior year. >> reporter: chelsea is in.
10:47 pm
elis a is still working on it. are you still feeling trapped in the midwest? >> very much so. >> reporter: she'll find out soon whether she's earn add spot at mason. >> if you accept me, george mason, you won't be disappointed. bye. >> reporter: in fairfax, virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. speaking of college, nine d.c. high school students got the surprise of their lives today. full scholarships to george washington university. the students received the gw steven joll trackenburg scholarship award today during a ceremony at ballou high school. it's given out to students who excel but can't afford the gw tuition. another recipient will be the first ever in her family to attend college. congratulations to all of them. apparently old man winter is not going out without a fight. a sloppy spring snowstorm is causing headaches in colorado. thousands across the state are without power. the colorado legislature even
10:48 pm
called off session today. drivers are abandoning their cars. meantime back here at home, that seems like a distant memory. >> thank heavens. that was just four weeks ago that we were still cleaning up from all of that. denver i read 5,000 people slept at the airport. i could hear people talking about denver on my flight home. i heard they had 9 inches of snow in denver. i got up and walked off the plane so he wouldn't get stuck in there. the storm is moving along. we'll see a little of that rain probably tomorrow night about this time. but it will be rain. don't worry. it's not going to be snow coming here. it didn't today. once it sensational? me too. loved it. the it's so beautiful to look at but tough' got allergies, the pollen was high. we have it on our website for you as you probably eard earlier. check it out. our allergist says elm is leafing and maple is not far behind and some of the maple
10:49 pm
leaves are coming on out. it sure is nice to see it after the winter we had. i have to let you know about tomorrow. it doesn't look quite as sunny as today was but there will be some sunshine that goats through -- that gets through. the clouds will get lower as we go through the day. it does look like it will be another mild day, probably in the upper 60s. enjoy it while you can because we have showers coming in. they'll hold off till late tomorrow night. probably about this time thursday night and they're bringing some cooler temperatures back into the forecast. so the weekend will definitely be cooler and it may end a little bit on a wet note. let's talk about the weekend forecast right now. we love to do that on a wednesday. saturday looks like 3355 dress. -- like 55 degrees. at least the sun is out and that will be nice. sunday we still have sunshine out there but there will be more clouds rolling in. we think the rain will hold off till sometime sunday night and another round sunday night into monday. of course our next round is coming tomorrow night into friday morning. i think the bulk of it between midnight and friday noon. these are the temperatures we
10:50 pm
hit today. how nice was this. a little breezy. i will give that you out of the northwest. we sometimes gusted to 30 miles an hour, especially before noon. so that was kind of annoying. but after the afternoon it really settled down and our temperatures were so pleasant and still not bad out there. 56 degrees. that's only 2 degrees away from our average high. cooler in gaithersburg at manassas, you're down to 46 degrees and culpeper 48. it's not going to be terribly cool tonight. we have a few high clouds that are beginning to come in now. some high thin clouds in the morning b some sunshine getting through. here's the next weather maker. this is the storm system. you can check out the snow leaving colorado now into the texas panhandle but it was a mess. that really wet, heavy snow. out ahead of it we have a big squall line. 'm not getting severe reports out of it. it's moved east of dallas but that is the storm system that will be heading in our direction minus the strong squall line we've seen popping up here across texas tonight. that rain looks like it will be getting in here and pushed along ahead of a frontal system so we still get one more mild day out of it tomorrow but our
10:51 pm
max hd futurecast on top of our forecast page here, you can see the showers that will be out to our west. we'll be watching this and by this time tomorrow night we'll see them showing up on radar. it makes good time moving through the area with the bulk of it coming in maybe a little bit of wet snow mixed in and some spots mostly in the mountains by the time this thing ends on friday. i think it will taper off friday afternoon and the bulk of it will be before noon. future cast will take you through the day parts. 5:00 tomorrow night your commute should be dry. it looks like it will just be cloudy skies tomorrow night and certainly tomorrow afternoon. by 11:00 we're watching some showers out on the other side of the mountains. it looks like they're in here for the friday morning commute. maybe heavier spots of rain, especially down to our south. by 6:00 hour it looks like it's well to our east so it will be winding down and saturday we'll just start with sunshine and watch some clouds coming in later in the day. a quick look at how much rain we're expecting with this, we think generally around a half inch, maybe in a few spots an inch to three-quarters of an inch.
10:52 pm
so a decent soaking, enough to get a lot of that pollen out of the air, that's for sure. our forecast for tonight, some clouds roll in late, 45 degrees. tomorrow more clouds than we had today but some sunshine and those showers will hold off till late. enjoy the 68 degrees. here's your five-day forecast. temperature wise 68 will be the warmest day for the rest of the five-day period. we go to 53 on friday with the showers in the forecast. we're back to drier weather on saturday but a lot cooler. 53 degrees. furnace might click on again. sunday 56 degrees. then it looks like some rain very late sunday into monday in the form of showers. middle of next week it looks like we start rebounding again. we're going to be talking cherry blossoms i'm sure by next week. we're going to have a lot of people down at the tidal basin. there's brand new push to protect kids from the sun. a new study from the university of south florida is following
10:53 pm
1500 elementary school students. half are required to wear hats when they're outside. the other half are not. after one year the group with the hats seems more likely to wear them. >> now we have a second year of data. we're still analyzing it but we are actually starting to see some skin changes in the second year that weren't evident in the first year of data. >> researchers will continue following the children so you can affect more information in the future. the teenage years and risky behavior seem to go hand in hand and a new university college london study found risk taking peaks in adolescence. the age most risky behavior happens some 14. they include things like drug use, reckless driving and unsafe sex. coming down on -- cutting down on risky behavior and drinking could mean raising prices on cheap booze. a new study claims raising prices on less expensive alcohol can prevent thousands of deaths and trips to the hospital each year. the heaviest drinkers tend to gravitate toward cheaper booze.
10:54 pm
the theory is forcing them to spend more money would make them drink less. imagine taking a pill to lose weight without working out? scientists tested the exercise pill on mice for about a month and the mice lost weight. it has two drugs at work together to mimic exercise and trick your muscles. don't look for it at drugstore any time soon. a safe exercise pill probably won't be available for at least a decade. coming up next on the news edge at 11:00, a violent attack sending shock waves through a virginia community. a teen releadedly raped by known gang members. plus, inside this metro parking garage. passengers were targeted time and time again. what riders need to know. the best of the best hooked up today at verizon center. it was a different player that stole the show. mikamike kanubel with a career first.
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when it comes to vies, 3- d film hims are the latest craze. >> reporter: the king of all movies single handedly changed the way studios and theater owners look at 3-d films. >> it's here. it isn't going away. we've done it. we've succeeded in getting 3-d out there as not only as a successful economic form of cinema but i think as a successful artistic form of cinema. >> reporter: there weren't enough 3-d capable screens to meet the demand for avatar and with more than 20 3-d movies coming out this year, there's sure to be a logjam. >> the problem we've been having is there's not a lot of 3-d screens in the united states. so when a picture plays, even if it's still playing well, it's going to have to come off the convenience for the next 3-
10:59 pm
d film. a film like "avatar" probably could have done another $30 million if it didn't have to come off the imax screens and 3- d screen it is was on for "alice in wonderland." >> reporter: retailers are capitalizing on the sensation and the biggest sellers are 3-d survival kits, disposable glasses and 3-d shades take double as sunglasses. >> i'm such a fan of 3-d. >> reporter: many actors are enthusiastic about 3-d and can be transferred easily making the demand for 3-d theaters even more immediate. >> a couple of years ago when nobody thought the thing was going to work at all and now we're arguing about whether we're going to have 9,000 or 18,000. >> we're going to see all of our entertainment i3-d. i think any screen we look at, a computer screen, mobile device, our television screens, we see life in 3-d. it's only a natural progression. >> reporter: the film that started it all is planning a summer rerelease with additional scenes and


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